Formation & Registration

The Central Government Pensioners’ Welfare Association Jammu, J&K was formed in the first week of July, 1994 and was registered on 21st July, 1995 under Societies Act VI of 1998 (1941 AD) under Regd. No. 2349 - S of Registrar of Societies Jammu, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir. The 1st Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) of the Association was held in 1996 with a limited number of members of nearly two dozen. The Association has made an impressive progress in all respects since then and total number of registered members as in March 2015 stands at 248, on the eve of 20th AGM being held in April, 2015.


Recognition of CGPWA, Jammu for Implementation of ‘Pensioners’ Portal  

 The Association after fulfilling the prescribed criteria qualified for Identification by Govt. of India for Implementation of Web-based ‘Pensioners’ Portal’, a Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) along with 17 other Central Government Pensioners’ Associations across the country. (Vide F.No.41/88/07-P&PW(E) dated 20th November, 2008 & 18th March, 2009 of Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi). Under this plan, the Association has been declared as Nodal Agency for Central Government Pensioners of Jammu & Kashmir State for attending to their pension problems and related issues.

 Currently the number of Identified Pensioners’ Associations for Pensioners Portal has gone from the initial 18 to 43 as on date. List of Identified Associations for Pensioners’ Portal Project is appended along with address and contact details, as listed in the Pensioners’ Portal.

Nomination of Association to SCOVA – 2011-2013 & 2013- 2015 Terms 

Central Government Pensioners’ Welfare Association, J&K, Jammu was accorded nomination to the Standing Committee Of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) by Govt. of India (Vide Resolution F. No. 42/50/2010 – P&PW (G) dated 24th June, 2011) by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions (Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare) as a Rotational Member for a 2 years term. It is creditable that the Association was re-nominated to the prestigious body of SCOVA for another term of 2 years 2013 – 2015 as per Resolution F.No.42/8/2013 – P&PW (G) dated 18th July, 2013.


The SCOVA was set up in 1986 as per the recommendations of Parliamentary Consultative Committee to mobilize the voluntary efforts to supplement the Government Action for establishment of mechanism for consultation with the representatives of the Central Pensioners’ Voluntary Organizations/NGOs. It is a useful and effective apex forum for holding consultation with the stakeholders, i.e., the pensioners through their Associations. The current body of SCOVA has been re- constituted in the Notification dated 18th July, 2013 with the following composition:

(a)    Minister of State (Personnel, P.G. & Pensions) .  Chairman

(b)   Non-Official Members (15)

Standing Group  5 Associations (National Council (Staff Side) JCM New Delhi, All India Retired Railwaymen’s  Federation Secunderabad, All India Federation of Pensioners Association Chennai, Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj New Delhi & Air Force Association, New Delhi) 

Rotating Group – 10 Associations (Disabled War Veterans-India Gurgaon, Association of Retired Officers of IA&ID Chandigarh, All India Central Government Pensioners Association Jalandhar City, Karnataka Posts & Telecom Pensioners Association Bengaluru, Co-ordination Committee of Central Government Pensioners’ Association Kolkata, All India Central Government Pensioners’ Association Cuttak, Central Government Pensioners’ Association Kerala Thrissur, Central Government Pensioners’ Welfare Association Jammu J&K, All India Organization of Pensioners Kanpur, All India Central Government Pensioners’ Association Pune)

(c)Official Members:

(i) Representative of Ministry of Finance (Deptt. Of Expenditure)

(ii) Representative of Ministry of Defence

(iii) Representative of Ministry of Railways

(iv) Representative of Department of Posts

(v)  Representative of Department of Telecom

(vi) Representative of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

(d)  Secretary, Deptt. Of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare –Convener & Member Secretary.

The term of SCOVA will be of 2 years. The Standing Group would serve for three terms of two years each. The rotating Group would serve for one term of two years and would be eligible for re-nomination for one more term.

The SCOVA will hold its meeting as often as may be necessary. However, it will meet at least once in a year. (Presently SCOVA meetings are being held twice a year since 2013).

The SCOVA will function to promote the following objectives 

  1. To provide a feedback on implementation of policies/programmes of the    Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare.

  2. To discuss and critically examine the policy initiatives and

  3. To mobilize voluntary efforts to supplement the Government action.

Association Awarded Exemption u/s 80-G (5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 

The Association has also been accorded exemption u/s 80-G (5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 by the Commissioner of Income Tax, J&K; Vide F.No. CIT/Jmu/ITO(T)/80-G(2)/51-55/11-12/9376 dated 2nd December, 2011; effective from 02.12.2011 and in perpetuity, unless specifically withdrawn. All donations received by the Association now qualify for Income Tax exemption under this section.

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