Aims and Objectives of Association

The following aims and objectives are enshrined in the Constitution of the Association in service of the civil society in general and central pensioners & senior citizens, in particular.

  • To provide a common platform for the Central Government Pensioners and family pensioners residing in Jammu & Kashmir State to interact amongst themselves and to project their problems to the concerned agencies/authorities for their overall welfare.

  • To identify, plan and execute programmes for a dignified, secure and constructive post-retirement life for the pensioners and their families by setting up of Reading Rooms/Library, Pensioners’ Hostels, Day Care Homes and other facilities; in association and cooperation with the Central and State Government Welfare Agencies and other Voluntary Agencies.

  • To undertake programmes of socializing and recreation of the pensioners, family pensioners and their families and arrange functions, seminars and programmes thereof.

  • To serve as conduit and agent for placement of retired professional specialists in suitable positions in the field of engineering, industry, forestry, agriculture, mineral prospecting and mining, health care, environmental and pollution control, groundwater studies and exploration, soil conservation and wasteland development, economic studies and surveys, human resource management, financial management etc. and to undertake specialized research projects pertaining to related disciplines sponsored by the Central and State Governments and other Agencies.

  • To take up social and scientific projects sponsored by the Central and State Governments and other Agencies in various fields such as literacy, health care, family welfare, destitutes’ welfare, handicapped persons’ vocational training, rehabilitation etc.

  • To help the newly retired persons in settlement of their pension cases, within the stipulated period in accordance with the Govt. directives.


Association Identified as one of the Motivators by the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare (Government of India) for its new project SANKALAP.

     Sankalap is a new initiative from Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare (DoPPW), Government of India, to provide a platform for the pensioners to access opportunities available for useful interventions in the society. It also facilitates the Organizations working in these areas to select appropriate skill and expertise from the available pool of volunteers. The Department invited the Association to participate in the brain storming sessions held at New Delhi on 18th November and 13th December, 2013 where the Association representative made power point presentation on the socially useful activities of the Association.

     The Association stands registered with DoPPW under SANKALP and the Department is in constant touch with our Association for utilizing services of our volunteers in projects useful for the society, particularly in villages in sectors like environment, health, awareness on social evils etc. The Association can also play an active role in educating the retiring Central Government Personnel on various pension related issues and fields of voluntary social activities which many of them would love to undertake after their retirement.

      Online Registration by the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare is open for the Organizations and individuals on the format uploaded in the Pensioners’ Portal under Sankalp Project.

     The pensioners’ fraternity is invited with an appeal to come forward by contributing their mite in channelizing their skills and experience by opting as volunteers to serve in their chosen fields of social service in forthcoming projects sponsored by the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare, New Delhi. They may also register with the Department in their individual capacity.

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